Maboo wooden sunglasses. Maboo wooden sunglasses.

Verde Styles - an artistic t-shirt company - represented series of Maboo sunglasses that made of wood. Handcrafted from the natural veins of...

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10:19 AM

Spring-Sulmer Fashion Trend: Lollipop Spring-Sulmer Fashion Trend: Lollipop

This spring and summer 2012 you will find yourself dressed in heavenly colors ,  as well as soft neutrals, and pastels - most popular bein...

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11:44 AM

The Best Perfume Products for Busy Women The Best Perfume Products for Busy Women

Women always want to preserve their charm and appeal anytime and anywhere. For this reason, they will always wear proper apparel and accesso...

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60's videotech 60's videotech

Just came across these amazing videos of Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin http://youtu.be/N4jr2PMFhIY http://youtu.be/HxlNp8Cl3YM http:/...

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3:05 PM

60's Fashion Inspiration 60's Fashion Inspiration

It's clear to me that Lana del Rey takes a lot of inspiration from Jean Shrimpton (right: Jean Shrimpton (60's) | left: Lana del ...

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2:33 AM