Star Trend: Bag Tod's. Style Lesson. Star Trend: Bag Tod's. Style Lesson.

Celebrities want to carry much stuff with them as normal people do.But they have to stay fashionable and elegant. That's why Carla Bruni...

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12:06 PM

Take the Quiz Take the Quiz
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7:26 AM

The Hope Lives The Hope Lives

World leaders goose-step zealously around the "two-state solution", hovering like vultures ready to carve up and divide Israel. Bi...

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11:25 AM

A Soldier and an Old Woman A Soldier and an Old Woman

From Aish by Ruchama King Feuerman The Six Day War had ended. The generals assembled the commanders and foot soldiers for a customary review...

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1:22 PM

Papal Bull Papal Bull

While the Pope's speech at Yad Vashem left much to be desired, he had no such restraint when speaking at a "Palestinian" refug...

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6:27 PM

Clarity over Gaza Clarity over Gaza

Note: I was asked to asked to justify Israel's operation in Gaza in January. My opinion on the operation can be found throughout my post...

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9:42 AM

The Loyalty Fallacy The Loyalty Fallacy

In the recent Israeli elections, Avigdor Lieberman's party, Yisrael Beiteinu , won 15 seats in the Israeli Knesset. The party slogan of ...

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1:10 PM