Elegant or Prom? Elegant or Prom?

My mom recently came back from a wedding in Sydney and she got me a dress. On the phone she made it sound really fabulous, "it is a eve...

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9:22 AM

Ctrl BG: A Shortcut to Financial News 11/29 Ctrl BG: A Shortcut to Financial News 11/29

Hope everyone is having a great Thanksgiving weekend and got some great bargains yesterday! With the official start of the holiday season, t...

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6:40 AM

Happy Turkey Day Happy Turkey Day

While you wait for Thanksgiving dinner, here is something to oogle over..... Happy Turkey day everyone! Image Source: Net a Porter

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9:46 AM

Saks Girl Saks Girl

I think I need to convert to Saks girl, because they are officially my favourite department store this season. After having walked through B...

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6:30 PM

The "S Dress" The "S Dress"

Just because HG is taking a break from blogging doesn't mean that we've stopped overanalyzing fashion in our free time (our gmail ch...

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9:31 PM

ANTM Cycle 11- Spoiler! ANTM Cycle 11- Spoiler!

At this point, I think I've come to accept ANTM as part of my life. Something I just mindlessly watch when it's on. You must admit, ...

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6:46 PM

Ctrl BG: A Shortcut to Financial News 11/21 Ctrl BG: A Shortcut to Financial News 11/21

It's been another exciting week! Almost comparable to that week in September/October, except no major banks collapse (yet) and there wer...

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8:32 PM

Gossip Girl, Last Season? Gossip Girl, Last Season?

It's a bit of a late rant, but I've had it on my mind for a looong time now and I simply must just get it out of my system. Remeber ...

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6:34 AM

FW08 Winter Hats FW08 Winter Hats

Besides the classic newsboy cap, the beanie and the beret, the latest winter hat twist to hit the scene this season are these half hoodies....

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6:12 PM

Winter Berets Winter Berets

It snowed this weekend! Luckily, not the scary blizzard painful kind of snow (not yet anyway), but the movie kind, where they gently flurry ...

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4:29 PM

Make It Silver Make It Silver

I like simple things, you may have noticed, and when it comes to jewelry I believe simplicity rules all. And while I do like a bit of gaudi...

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2:00 PM

Ctrl BG: A Shortcut to Financial News 11/15 Ctrl BG: A Shortcut to Financial News 11/15

This week was actually quite eventful. It started off with China announcing a $600 billion fiscal stimulus plan effective from now until 201...

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6:38 PM

Wedding Gifts Wedding Gifts

So next weekend, it is my first cousin's wedding in Sydney. He is the first in my "generation" to get married, so it's kin...

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4:34 PM

Weak In The Knees Weak In The Knees

I'm in love. Loeffler Randall captured my heart early last year when I saw a sunshine yellow ruffled bikini. This Fall she has me tied...

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2:36 AM

MINT Jodi Arnold MINT Jodi Arnold

Remember this absolutely darling gray and yellow block dress from this summer? Well the makers of it, MINT Jodi Arnold , are having an onlin...

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7:20 PM

The New Perspective The New Perspective

I never used to like Mango. I could never find anything that fit properly and just didn't understand the craze ( everyone in my high s...

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10:19 PM