Standing five feet eight inches, I'm not that tall. But slap on a pair of 4 inch heels and I will tower over you, which is actually a great feeling; that is until my knees fail, my feet fumble, and suddenly it's impossible to find the ground beneath me. Even with the training of classical ballet in my back pocket, balance (or shall we say off-balance) always gets the best of me.

However, in all seriousness, adding heels tends to make you feel empowered. Your posture will be better, because that’s the only way you can walk in them, that leads to your head being held higher and ultimately you’ll be walking the streets flooding them with your confidence. This can then result in feeling a rush of greatness, which is the most important part.

I believe in always looking put-together, and neat and tidy when leaving the house. And a good pair of heels (or kitten heels, or flats, or boots), styled properly, can really make an outfit.

And just a little something for you to lust after…

My great obsession with Giambattista Valli is only increased with this pair of beautiful red shoes. And look at that beautiful shattered crystal heel detail, Versace.

A tad dramatic, but nonetheless, platforms are amazing. Gucci, Louis Vuitton & Marni

Christian Louboutin does no wrong [ever] at Rodarte.

Lacroix, oh Lacroix, tout ce que vous créez est beau. I have a strange affinity to those white sandals by Emilio Pucci. And do you SEE what I mean when I said I don't know what I've been doing NOT looking at Celine?

A good pair of heels always make a woman look powerful, strong, elegant and sexy. So don't worry about being "too tall." Enjoy your new found height - or as long as your feet will allow it.

Image Source: Style.com