This weekend, I came across a dilemma. I found two very very good bargains and can only get one. Both are 70% and both are very hip this season items. They are also very different however and cannot exactly be compared apples to apples, but here I go trying anyway.
I first came across this skirt on the Marc by MJ sales rack at Bloomies. It is not exactly my usual style, and in fact, if I saw this picture (above) I wouldn't even consider it (you got to admit, it doesn't look that great). But I decided to try it on anyway, along with a bunch of other stuff, for fun. It was one of those items where you put it on and WHAM- you look great in it and you really want it! Thats what happened for me anyway. I've never owned a pencil skirt, cause I always thought they'd make me look short, but this one was just hot. The cutting was flattering, it is different from what I already own and it definitely has hip edge to it, with its shiny fabric, fishnet pattern and zips. And then I got out of the changing room and the skirt accosted me again on the mannequinn. So despite the hip being just a tinsiest bit loose on me, I bought it 40% off at Bloomies.

Afterwards, of course I went online and googled it up and sent it to HG and all my other girlfriends for their opinion. Most thought it was not me, but HG thought it was really cool. The two of us then proceeded to spend all night analyzing its pros and cons and how to wear it. I
t's tough, because it's a bit in between officey and casual, being too hip for the office but too formal for the streets. I was originally thinking just a black top and boots will do the trick. HG pointed out that it would look very officey and too formal looking, and that I got to wear it "hip" with bright colors like in the picture above. As I said before though, I'm not very fond of the styling above. A good alternative would be to wear it with black and add on a large pink scarf like this one. But I'm not about to spend more so I can wear a skirt. Oh, guess what else I found? I found that Saks was selling the same skirt for 70% off! Yes, I am the type of girl who must have best deal in town. So I made the trip to Saks (good thing everything is so close together) and I came across this:
This tulip shaped pink skirt also 70% off, also from Marc by MJ. As I said, they're not exactly an apples to apples comparison. This one is more youthful, fun and punk, while the pencil skirt is more sophisticated and rock. This one is also easier to pair though. Since it is already so colorful by nature, wearing all black everywhere else is a given. I can even pair a hip short jacket with it. Plus, this skirt can definitely not be mistaken for office wear!

So in the end, I opted for the fun, youthful and easy to wear skirt instead and decided to leave sophistication for later. It all sounds very logical now, but trust me, it took a LOT of debate for me to get to this stage!

Image Source: Saks