I'm one of those people that once I find a brand, I stick to it. Then if they change designer I feel betrayed and angered until I find something else to feast my eyes (and empty my pockets) on. But it takes me a while to get over my loss.

One brand that I am extremely loyal to is Kookai. I found a simple black dress for a high school formal and I still wear it to this very day. Their cutting fits my body type perfectly and their cool relaxed style is something I'm very fond of, eclectic and different. Their pieces are very versatile, which is by far one of their greatest qualities. Buy only a few things and you will be able to churn out a multitude of looks with whatever else you have in your closet.

I absolutely love their colours of their Fall collection, I would wear every single one of these runway looks.

Those grey trousers up there on the right, I'm definitely going to go find myself a pair.

Image Source: Kookai