So next weekend, it is my first cousin's wedding in Sydney. He is the first in my "generation" to get married, so it's kind of big news. Unfortunately I cannot make it to his wedding because I can't take any days off and frankly, there didn't seem to be any point to fly 36 hours to and back for the weekend and spend 12 hours there (as much as I LOVE the excellent seafood in Sydney). So in my stead, I was thinking of sending them a gift. This is my wedding first wedding gift, so here are a few of my ideas (for a couple who has everything, and did not register in any stores- they really should!):
My first thought was to turn to Disney, because they absolutely ADORE Winne the Pooh. Unfortunately I googled up the story and it turns out that there is absolutely no romance in Winnie the Pooh (for maybe 5 seconds, I thought maybe Pooh and the Piglet were a couple, but the I realized that Piglet was a boy- as I'd originally thought), so it didn't seem appropriate to give them a Pooh snow globe. So I'm left with the two snow globes above- you can even personalize the plate! I'm thinking Cinderella, since Mickey and Minnie are an acquired taste. Unfortunately they don't sell these at the store and the delivery cost is the same as the actual globe!
So I tried looking for other super cute couply stuff to get. I quite like this block building photoframe (left). Very clean and meaningful of a relationship, no? And if cutesy is not their thing, there is always a simple personalized silver frame to fall back on (right).
If they actually needed more knick knack around the house, I thought these rabbit design kitchen ware were kind of cute (left). And I love these modern looking vases (right)!
And a bit outside the box, there is this cute pair of pillow cases with a bride and groom (left)! Isn't it adorable? Has anyone seen the pillow cases of a couple and it's connected with a string? That is super cute too. Or more practically, you can always get them stock certificate for shares in Tiffany or other companies. They apparently sell them framed on gift.com.

Maybe I'll go back to the globes. You'd think it should be easy to find super sweet couply gifts online....apparently not. Any other cute wedding gift ideas? What do people generally give to other people on their weddings? Tips on what to write inside the card would also be appreciated. Is it congratulations and best wishes? I remember vaguely on Gilmore Girls that it is congrats to the groom and best wishes to the bride?

Image Source: Disney and Gifts.com