Remember this absolutely darling gray and yellow block dress from this summer?
Well the makers of it, MINT Jodi Arnold, are having an online sample sale taking 60% off more genius pieces from today until the end of November. Frankly, we get a lot of emails about these online sample sales etc and we usually whiz pass them, just because there are so many and because they're not always designs that we endorse. But MINT caught my eye (because it reminded me of the block dress above) and I spent a bit more time looking into it and I LOVE the collection.
Especially these two dresses which are absolutely refreshing, youthful AND flattering to wear too. They are just so different from the dresses on the racks in stores, one is artsy, pop and cool (left), while the other is feminine and romantic (right).
Then they have more usual designs with a twist. I am loving the asymmetrical shoulder of the gray dress, this model does not do the dress justice. And this sequins dress is very reminiscent of the FCUK dress from last year, but the neckline jazzes it up.
The silhouette of this strapless dress with the folds at the bodice is just darling. The thin gold belt also brings a bit of the holiday spirit to it. And I just love the details on the collar of this coat!

So if anyone is interested. From now until the end of the month is a good time.

Image Source: Mint