Has anyone watched Stylista? I watched the Pilot and all I could see was Tyra Banks making Elle Fashion News Director, Anne Slowey, appear to be an exact copy of Miranda Priestly of The Devil Wears Prada. Example: Anne Slowey enters the office by throwing her coat on the receptionists desk...really? It was so utterly unrealistic that all I could do was sigh and skip chunks throughout the episode to see what the point of the show was. They call it "Stylista" except it's less about style and more about editing and seeing if people can figure how to do a nice layout on a page...using scissors and glue. Boring and just terrifyingly superficial.

BUT! The wonderful Kate Lanphear was their first guest judge, and I find Lanphear simply stunning. Usually makeup-less (except on the show) her style speaks for itself: strong, elegant and a risk taker. She pulls off androgyny extremely well. Lanphear was the only redeeming factor, even if all she said was at most two sentences.

Her outfit in that first photograph is just amazing! These beautiful photographs are from Jak & Jill.