In the pass I've blogged about pretty, rainbow colored rainboots that you can play matchy, matchy with and have a lot of fun. But after a particularly bad day yesterday, braving the pouring rain for half a hour (even though it is usually only a 15 minute walk!), squeezing onto the bus and getting my jeans soaked even though I have an umbrella, I am thinking that I should really invest in a serious pair of rainboots. Something that will just keep my feet (and hopefully half my jeans) nice, dry and CLEAN. Something I can wear so then I would NOT have to avoid puddles or worry about slipping. Something that is simple, versatile but of good quality.
Something like the classic Hunter rainboots. I'm not sure how it warrants the $115 price tag, but I guess it is an assurance of quality? They are the rainboots of rainboots after all. If you want to buy a trench coat, you got to go to Burberry. If you must buy trunk-like sheepskin snow boots, you have to buy Uggs. And if you want to buy rainboots, then you should get Hunter rainboots.

The style itself is simple and as sleek as rainboots can get. It is sturdy and definitely slip-proof. While the buckle makes the boots not so plain looking, it is also functional. These are serious no nonsense rainboots. Just what I need. They also come in many different colors, to add a bit of color to a dreary day. I'm considering this iris color. Black is just a bit too dark and yellow reminds me too much of those yellow wellington boots that cartoon bear wore. Now the only thing is convincing myself to make the splurge. Just that it's hard when it is all I want on a rainy day, but the furthest thing in my mind on a sunny (good for shopping) day!

Image Source: Saks