Another excuse to buy another dress for another occasion, when it's not really necessary, especially now with the recession... but hey, let's have a look anyway.

& we're going for ideas,
not prices. Moving along, my little obsession continues with all things white/ivory/beige, within that realm of things, and of course greys and blacks; I thought the following dresses were rather interesting. Something different from the usual holiday dresses you see hung on rack after rack, store after store. Let's start off with a Missoni scarf dress.

I love the back, and especially the subtle pattern, and how the dress has been hemmed. You see a lot of scarf dresses, but this one has some character.

And then after BG's talk of her Rebecca Taylor dress, I had to go find some more because her dress was so beautiful! Simple, but so elegant! The perfect black dress.

It's definitely a piece you could dress up and down. Versatility is always a good thing. I can just imagine how flowing the material would look.

Above, a dress by Miu Miu. Usually I see things by Miu Miu and I get excited, then after a while I don't really like them. However I like this one, and it kind of reminds me of an extremely toned down version of what BG and HG called the "S" dress in a previous post. I love the pleated bottom.

And then there is Chloe. How cute! I have a dress that has a veil layer on top similar to this, and I absolutely adore it. However mine is all black, so this change hue is something I'm drawn to.

And then there is Vera Wang.

Maybe a little too generic and confined? I'm not entirely sure. But beading detail is always an extravagance one can indulge in. Something more grand and sophisticated than sequins and glitter.

So maybe this year, opt for softer tones? Whatever suits your fancy, this was just one idea. There shall be more to come!

Image Source: Net A Porter, Deuxieme Classe F/W 2008