Yes, back to holiday dresses. Going from muted tones to FIERY RED, and orange and purple...and black.

I fully approve of this dress by Theory. I don't know why, it's rather simple, not totally exciting, and I'm not huge on patterns, but I'm definitely big on this. It's like big brush stroke roses.

Clearly I'm going to like this one, and I'm going to tell you I'm in love with it because it has ruffles. I cannot stop with the ruffles, oh Lela Rose, how beautiful.

My God, and then I found THIS. Roberto Cavalli! Red! Luscious! Passionate! Most Excellent!

Oscar De La Renta - the perfect designer for a night out. I have nothing else to say, the colour just pops, and the amount of detail is just enough for it to be very interesting, but not overly gaudy.

This big rose applique on the side of the dress is awesome. Some skill definitely went into designing it. While it's a bit last season, it's not just sewn on, it's sewn into the dress. Stunning and memorable to say the least.

Just like I can't get away from ruffles, I can't get away from black. The following dress is by Abeate. Wonderful!