Everyone's heard the saying, "Don't be blue," but when you're shopping and searching through the many 2012 prom dresses available you'd be wise to ignore this advice! Blue is, very unfairly in my opinion, associated with sadness and bad moods, but did you know that it's one of the most distinguished colors of them all?

You don't get colors like 'royal blue' and 'navy blue' for nothing!

Keep reading to learn more about 2012 prom dresses, why the color blue is a good choice this year, and some of the meanings of blue tones!

So you're getting set for prom, right? Here's a word of warning. Just be careful to choose a dress that's as unique as possible as it's every girl's nightmare to arrive at prom to be greeted by another girl wearing a mirror-image dress! First you'd be very embarrassed and second you'd be that much less eye-catching in a dress that's unoriginal.

Why 'Blue' This Prom?

What does blue mean to you? Did you know that it's THE most popular color of them all and therefore a certain pick for 2012 prom dresses?

It's the color of communication which is perfect for prom where you're going to be hanging out with your friends and making new friends!

You can go from darker, 'cool' blues all the way through to bright, neon blues which are really dynamic, exciting colors! But let's look at the shades of blue in more detail:

Dark Blue Prom Dresses

As I mentioned, darker blues can be colder looking, but they're also the most appropriate for formal events such as prom. It's known to be seen as confident too, so is good for giving those of us who are shy a confidence boost.

Metallic Blue Prom Dresses

If you can find a prom dress in a metallic blue then you're really hitting the fashion jackpot, as both of these are really sought after in 2012 prom dresses! Try focussing on taffeta dresses as there are certain types of taffeta which have a metallic sheen under the lights (iridescent taffeta). It's also quite futuristic and has that cutting-edge look that will help you stand out.

Light Blue

Lighter shades of blue are much cuter, so if you're trying to give out a cutesy, girly image then try a sky or eggshell blue. You'll also appear quite cool and calm which is one of the reasons why creative types and parents choose light blue for their walls!

Blue is an especially good color option for 2012 prom dresses for blonde girls and those with blue eyes. This is because matching your eye-color with that of your dress will often lead to a really good-looking and well-thought-out outfit.

Although you may not want to feel blue, you should certainly like the idea of looking blue! So now you're searching through the many 2012 prom dresses that are on sale for prom this year, try narrowing down your search to blue prom dresses and get a really fashionable prom dress!