There has been a recent phenomenal up rise of men's fashion within the media and society as men are becoming more prominent on the runway. Many fashion events have been altered to include many more menswear opportunities than ever before and it seems that it is slowly competing with women's wear for the reign in the fashion industry. As the internet is having a huge effect on current style with blogging, online fashion websites and general men's clothing websites we are becoming more aware of the importance of fashion from both sexes.

Some of the most popular and renowned fashion events are making room for men as they are advertising their own specific men's fashion week. Previously, fashion week has consisted of mainly women's fashion, with the odd menswear designer, and their target audience has generally been women. This recent turn of events has resulted in Paris giving men their own fashion week which has been closely followed by London doing exactly the same thing.

Many aspiring designers now have their chance to shine by appearing solely on this unprecedented men's fashion week event. Run by the organisers of GQ, the top menswear magazine, this particular ceremony has proven to be a huge hit. Upon beginning this new craze many supporters have joined in on the hype and it is one of the most controversial and talked about happenings of the year.

As this change in fashion has erupted across the media more people are given a chance to shine with their own ranges. Male fashion bloggers have appeared over the past few years and seem more interested in their overall appearance than ever before. Street style and style hunter blogs have witnessed this over the past couple of years and realised that menswear is more prominent than it has ever been.

Despite all of the hype, there has been an argument that the attire sported on this runway event will not be worn by men across the globe. It seems that not all men have completely converted to this new way of dressing and this new popularity of clothing for them. It is highly unlikely that men will warm to this instantaneously as they are usually creatures of habit in comparison to the ruling of fashion over women's lives.

Top designers have shown advances within the industry for creating a more men friendly style and have most definitely appealed to many people. It is apparent that this is a fantastic turn in the clothing industry so join in on the hype as soon as you can!