Supermodel Gisele Bundchen has joined hands with Esprit to promote the label's spring 2012 designs. The casual chic Brazilian goddess looks amazing donning the spring creations signed by Esprit, so check out the designs and pick your new season favorites!

Supermodel Gisele Bundchen has scored yet another gig with Esprit, this time promoting the brand's spring 2012 collection. Since everything Gisele touches seems to turn into gold, the collection will probably become a huge success. With a very laid back style but one that catches the eyes, Esprit's spring 2012 collection can conquer from first glimpse especially the heart of those who put a high price on comfort and quality. Esprit aims to bring contemporary-vibe casual elements that fuse comfort and style perfectly and it seems that the brand has managed to reach this goal easily by creating ensembles that fall loosely around the body and that manage to avoid looking boring.

If you're all about practicality and you wouldn't trade feeling great in your outfit than the brand's spring 2012 collection is a perfect match for you as Gisele Bundchen demonstrates posing with the label's trendy ensembles. You don't have to suffer for fashion to look great as there are an array of stylish yet comfy items that you can mix and match to underline your fashion-forward personality without having to put on a fake smile as the outfits make you feel uncomfortable.

With an array of lovely tees, knitted pullovers, sweatshirts, shirts, coats and trousers to choose from creating a look that defines you will be easy. Soft lines that enhance the silhouette without clinging to your body making it hard to breath dominate the entire spring 2012 line and this is exactly what helps the outfits feel like they are weightless. Tailoring and the quality of the fabrics are the key to a successful, flattering and comfortable outfit, and Esprit has nailed all these elements a long time ago.

The color palette chosen for this season are universally flattering mixing nudes with warm tones and timeless non-colors, hues that collaborate perfectly together and which help add a certain chic, fresh and youthful vibe to one's look. Rock the new season in style with Esprit, so browse through the label's collection and pick your new season favorites.

News Source: becomegorgeous.com