dye i4 black gold offers you more than just paintball equipment for you as it is equipped with incredible rapid lens that is supported with system that enables you to change the lens within ten seconds. This equipment offers you more variations on horizontal and vertical vision that you will not find from other mask. This product is highly designed by professional that reveal the amazing features on the products to satisfy you. This mask gives you exactly what you want such as protection that is rigid with its lightweight elements that will make you feel comfortable while wearing the mask on your head. This is definitely different than other products that make your head dizzy when you wear the mask too long as it is very hard to bear.

This dye rotor is also equipped with extra features such as soft and low profile compression ear pad that allow it to protect your ear while you hear any clarity. It is very light and sleek that make you feel very comfortable when you wear this mask and even you will not be bothered anymore with heavy mask that might heard your head and reduce your concentration while playing the game. With this equipment you can definitely enjoy your game more. This equipment is being established with special facial contour to give you high function and fashion or make you look more stylish with such mask. The high definition lens is also given to optimize the clarity at anytime you need it.

It can be concluded that such product is not an ordinary mask for you as it has been equipped with various kinds of latest features that are not existing in other products such as its high definition on the lens, a system that allows you to change the lens rapidly, giving you more powerful protection system for your eyes, giving you comfortable feeling while wearing the mask as you will feel like you are wearing nothing as the product is very light in weight and soft. Other than that such equipment also will help you in communicating well with your p`rtner with its high technology system, giving flexibility to move, and more importantly the equipment is resistance to any scratch so that you don’t have to be worried while wearing this equipment as you will feel very safe and comfortable. Furthermore, you can purchase this product with very great deal and affordable price that will not make you spend too much on purchasing this product.