Red n Bling

Loving this combination with the true red, the white contrast and just a tiny bit of bling to set the whole design off.

Pretty in Pink

Gorgeous color, nice design and an all around winner with this manicure. The white lines dashing through give it even more visual interest.

Caught in a Web

Great spider web design on these nails -- check out the dimensional aspect of the lines, they seem to float above the nails.

Get a Little Tribal

Loving the tribal designs on these nails and the colors that were used -- very nice. Not too flashy, but very creative!


This one gets a 10 for creativity, but we're not sure how long it would hold up. Great for a one night event, but hard to maintain over time.

A Little Bubbly

Again, not the most practical, but it sure catches the eye. This would be neat with blue drops to mimic water.

Bee Yourself

Just love this one with the little bee on the thumb and then the tracks where the bee has been. Great design!

Rainbow Brite

While we're loving the overall theme of the rainbow nails, they could have been done with a little cleaner line. As it is, we'll just call it an impressionist take on a rainbow.

Queen of Hearts

What a great idea for a night on the town at a casino. Maybe wearing the Queen of Hearts will give you a little more luck!

Fantasy Island

This design is a bit different, especially with the shape of the nail, but we like the overall effect -- very dreamy and fun!

Getting a Bit Silly!

We can't help but have a quick chuckle over these Sponge Bob nails -- just the cutest things ever.

Going a Little Overboard...

Love the idea and the concept, but in practice, it's a little much. Still, extreme creativity right here!

All Dressed Up

Could these be any cuter? Loving the tux design -- but it would be even better to mix every other nail or the other hand with a little gown design too.

Angry Nails?

We admit it, we have a bit of an addiction to Angry Birds, and after seeing this, we know what our next manicures are going to look like!

Say it on your nails

We're loving this design and the fact that she put her man's name on her fourth fingers -- now that's romantic!

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