Tired of bad hair? Here are 15 great ways to change up your style. Choosing a hairstyle that works is such a pain. These hairstyles are adorable and they work!

Have Some Fun With Highlights

Check out the neat ribbon effect in Kate Beckinsdale's mane -- this one is easy to create, even at home with an over the counter kit.

Get Timeless Layers

Have thin, fine hair? Make it look instantly better by having a few layers put in. Layering has come a long way since the Rachel!

Crop it Baby!

Really want to save some time in the morning (let alone shampoo)? Crop it short and let your beautiful features shine!

Let it Grow!

Long layers are perfect if you want that relaxed and romantic look. Add a little wave to your layers for that beachy look!

Curls Rock

Want to change it up? Go for a soft beachy wave, or kink it up with some tight spirals -- the options are endless!


Get a Little Pixelated

Got a small face? Frame it perfectly with a chic pixie cut! Super easy to take care of, and super cute!

Go Big!

Who says big hair has to be difficult? Set a few hot rollers and add a little volumizer and you're ready to knock 'em dead!

Medium Length Bob

Want a little more length? Take the classic bob a little further and you'll still be able to toss your hair up when you want to!

Get Romantic!

Soft, flowing waves just say "touch me!" Super easy to get with a curling iron, or curlers and it takes just a few minutes!

Get a Little Twisted!

Either with one big braid, or fun small ones, you can instantly change up your style with a cute braid!

Get Some Bangs

Tired of looking at your forehead all the time? Cover it up with a chic set of bangs -- just keep in mind you'll need to get them trimmed often!

Have a Little Fun With Some Color

Forget about highlights -- go all out and change a few sections of your hair and you can rock it just like Rhi-Rhi!

Go For a Cute Up-Do!

Diane Kruger is rocking this old school up-do. Accessorize it or leave it plain, either way you'll look amazing and stylin'.

Get Glamorous!

Capture the glamour of the 40's with this throwback hairstyle that's anything but done. Check out Tyra rocking this vintage 'do.

The Chic Bob

You can't go wrong with this easy hairstyle, it's timeless and takes just minutes to have it looking perfect! If you hate having to style your hair in the morning, this is the cut to have!