I guess one of the silver linings to this credit crunch is that sales and special/private sales are creeping in on us way earlier this year. One of the best bargains in my opinion? The BCBG 30% off select outerwear sales. Quite a bargain at this time of the season, when it's barely cold yet. If you buy it now, you'll still have plenty of time to get your mileage out of them in the next few months!
I personally have my eye on this fabulous white coat. I've been wanting one since Devil's Wear Prada came out, but haven't bought one for fear that it will turn beige/grey all too soon. Made of wool, rayon and cashmere, it will at least be warm enough until Christmas. The double breasted design with the tie on the waist, makes it an instant classic. And isn't the trench coat like design at the back just beautiful?

Alas, even at 30% off, I still find it a bit pricey for my budget. But if you aren't as limited, I think this is quite a bargain (along with a few other of their collection). So don't miss it, because this offer only lasts til October 13th (tomorrow!).

Image Source: BCBG