Every year when fall comes around, I am shocked by how cold it is. Summer and time does a good job of fading away memories of the bitter cold and biting wind. Walking around, people are pulling out their trench coats against the cold. But is that enough to keep us warm? It IS only made out of a layer of cloth (or two, counting layers) after all. I own one and I don't find it very warm at all. Maybe I'm just more easily chilled than others, but I'm thinking that something a bit more substantial is called for. Luckily for me, Burberry knew just what I was thinking.
I am loving Burberry's latest puffer trench coat. Lined lightly with down, it is most definitely warm enough for fall. Unlike other puff jackets however, it still has SHAPE. A very slimming and flattering trench coat shape at that. What more can you want? It will totally last you all the way through fall (plus or minus some layers) and maybe even winter (probably not for snow though, for snow you need the heavy duty stuff)!

Image Source: Burberry