I am loving the SS09 Chanel collection. There is something quirky, modern and refreshing about it, that is still very Chanel (of course!).
The reinterpreted plaid pattern is a refreshing twist on the classic Chanel prints. The technique involved in creating some of the structures (i.e. above right), is also modern and chic.
The evening wear were divine. I love the more relaxed silhouette throughout the collection- much more forgiving for all body types. The black dress here (left) is actually one of my favourites. The upper part, with the sheer fabric makes it modest yet subtly provocative at the same time- very classy and elegant. The white dress (right) is admittdely not the most flattering shape on the runway, but there is just something very intriguing about the play on volume and the delicate floral details here.
Then there were beautiful tiered tulle dresses fit for a fairy princess. Ok, the cape (left) is a bit too much with that dress, but the bolero (also a hot item on this runway) is the perfect compliment to the heavily tiered dress on the right.
Onto accessories- see what I mean by quirky, with this vertical classic flap bag (left)? The leather shopping bag (right), is perfect and very clever for the whole "street" theme of the show, but I hope they're not planning to sell it in stores. Otherwise some misguided soul might just buy it and become a walking advertisement- and not even the good kind!
It appears that the peep toe bootie (left) is definitely here to stay for another season or two.... I guess I better get used to it. It doesn't look too weird here. And the feathers here (right) creates just the perfect dramatic effect for the runway, but they're definitely not suitable for rainy/muddy/humid weather. Luckily, the shoes look gorgeous without the feathers as well, and I'm sure Karl will be commercial minded enough to produce them without the feathers for the stores (or maybe they will be attachable!).

One thing I'm unsure about though are the two tone stockings featured throughout the show. It looks a bit like Karl is trying to put a new spin on the much over done legging trend, but I don't know, the spin is not that new and it cuts the model's legs off in an unflattering way, making them look short. The stockings on his F/W 08 runway is way better.
Image Source: Style.com