Back on the Paris runway, we have the YSL show. I must admit, when the rest of the fashion world applauded Pilati for his first collections, I was still a bit hesitant about them. It just wasn't quite the Tom Ford era YSL style, I associated YSL with (that was the era that motivated me to become a hardcore business woman just so I can wear them!). It's t`ken a while, but I think I'm finally warming up to Pilati! I am loving his minimalistic, oriental inspired collection. It is simple, wearable but still feminine and elegant.
I am loving the subtle black prints and the more relaxed but still structured silhouette of the collection, which is still very flattering. The whole super cinched, fitted and tailored thing is getting old. This is modern and refreshing.
One of the biggest thing on this runway are these lattice mesh shoes. The fashion world is loving this child of gladiators sandals and boots. Personally, I am not so sure. I didn't like the whole gladiator thing to begin with. And if I think that boots with peep toes are unnatural, these are definitely out of my comfort zome. It kind of reminds me of those jello mesh flats that were popular a while back. I do like the metal lattice heels though. That is really modern and cool looking, just not the rest. Maybe it takes getting used to?

Image Source: Style.com