Hi Guys & Dolls, I'm the new guest blogger on I AM FASHION. I'm extra excited to be given the opportunity to post on such a lovely blog, because I have been following it forever! Much love to BG & HG, you two are wonderful. My blog is over here, and I hope you enjoy my posts xoxox, E.

I used to not care about my underwear. No one saw it, so what's the big deal? I just didn't get it.

I get it now. All thanks to a trip to Italy, where women take looking good seriously, no matter what clothing article you're talking about. During my time there, I found myself getting hustled into Intimissimi by my mum. It was like Italy's version of Victoria's Secret, except it was beautiful, relaxed, and not eye blindingly pink. It was there where I found myself surrounded by dainty things of lace, satin, and ribbon.

I am now totally obsessed with lingerie in general. Slips, camisoles, etc, you name it, I wish I had it all. And while my wallet doesn't stretch to the lengths of La Perla, no one ever said I couldn't look.

And who cares if no one sees it, it makes me feel glamorous. And to have a drawer filled with pretty little things to pick from each day? I don't have a problem with that.

Image Source: Intimissimi, La Perla