I am like 2 weeks too late, but it would be a great shame for me to skip over the Chloe collection, a brand which I'll always have a soft spot for. It would also be a shame to miss this collection, because this is Hannah MacGibbon's first collection at the helm of Chloe. Mr.Toledo finally gave the boot to Paulo Melim Andersson, who's aesthetics was clearly at odds with the classic Chloe girl. I shudder thinking about the last collection. Fortunately for us, MacGibbons seems to have a much better grasp of what Chloe is supposed to be about- and she should, having spent five years working at Chloe under Phoebe! A few things that stood out, that MacGibbon brought to the table. First, there is this very interestingly structured top design (left). I'm not sure how practical it is, but it is definitely cute, girly and innovative.

Then there were the scallop-edges everywhere (right). Not too sure how I feel about them though. They're feminine and very clever in that memorable way- next season when I see scallop-edged clothing, I'd definitely think of Chloe. On the other hand though, the scallop-edges around the shoulders and sleeves, kind of makes the model look as if they've been pinned up to an invisible wall.
I much prefer the scallop-edges (or "dinosaur scales") at the Christopher Kane runway. These are refreshing, innovative but still very flattering and pretty at the same time.
Back on the Chloe runway, I am finally seeing the Chloe girl. That relaxed and effortlessly chic girl on the streets.
Personally, I am loving the richly colored, silky evening wear. It is evening but not overly formal- perfect for a fun night out. Very girl and definitely very youthful...maybe even a bit too youthful, what with the fluttering sleeves and poofy skirts (right). Nevertheless, I definitely see many starlets wearing it in the season to come.
Lastly, let's not forget the shoes. I love how it is so simple and wearable-looking- which means I can potentially wear something similar next season! The shoes on other runways are so sky high that I trip even imagining myself in them!

Image Source: Style.com